Monday, January 6, 2020

Changes From My Grandmothers Generation to My Own

Life has been changing since the beginning of time. There is a big difference between life thousands of years ago and present days’ life. Every human generation beholds new changes in the pass through life, some of these changes continue to the next generation but the rest just remain in the memory of those who lived them. Sometimes we heard from the elders of the family how life used to be in their teenage and their parents teenage too. There have been a couple of times that when I go to my grandmother’s house I talk to her about her life when she was young and lived in Cuba. Things like family and teenagers, education, and technology used to be very different in that moment. The generation that I am living is quite different compare with my grandmother’s generation. My grandmother spent his teenage between the end of 1930 and the beginning of the 1940 living in Cuba. Back in that time family was something sacred, children used to respect adults, the couples respected themselves, and family used to be first thing always. Nowadays must of people forget the family concept and put less important matters before family. With all the new liberties of the new world the couples do not respect themselves because is all about who brings more to the house, men do not respect women and viceversa. There is no more respect from the children to adults; they do not care if it is a teacher, their grandparents or their parents. With this modern way of raise the children that the parents giveShow MoreRelatedCase Study : Family Systems Theory943 Words   |  4 Pagesparticular method of evaluation depends on the ideology of the therapist, as well as the state of the family that enters therapy. In family systems theory, the family is viewed as a homeostatic system, and a change in the functioning of one family member results in a compensatory change in the functioning of other family members. Symptoms in one family member, which can also be referred as an identified patient, indicate dysfunction in the family system as a whole. Bowen family systems theory wasRead MoreCulture And The 21st Century937 Words   |  4 PagesCulture is Changing What is culture in the 21st century? Culture is a term that has been around from the beginning of time. According to the Merriam- Webster dictionary, â€Å"Culture is a particular society that has its own beliefs, ways of life, and art.† Culture is everything that an individual stands for and has lived through. Without culture, the world would not be very unique. The word â€Å"different â€Å"would not exist because the way people would live would all be the same. Cultures vary throughoutRead MoreReflection Paper On Storytelling1696 Words   |  7 Pagesstorytelling we are moved to change our positions, to love more, to hate more, we’re angry, we’re scared, we’re moved to care for better or worst. However, it’s the or in for better or worst that holds the power to cause us to feel great empathy or spite for each other. By understanding storytelling we can appreciate each other and be better than we were the day before. By engaging in storytelling whether it’s our ancestor’s stories past down from generation to generation, in a dog-eared book carriedRead MoreIntended Conversion to Christianity in Flannery OConners A Good Man is Hard to Find776 Words   |  4 Pagesthe necessary changes. Flannery OConnor showed deep concern towards the value system of the youth at the time. She firmly believed in helping to guide the youth in a positive direction. Her belief that Christ was no longer a major priority to the people of her generation was a driving motivation. A Good Man is Hard to Find shows Flannery OConnors concern for the priorities and values of her time. One example shown in A Good Man is Hard to Find involves the grandmothers strong southernRead MoreGender : Gender And Gender1201 Words   |  5 Pagesis organized. The social construct of gender is ingrained in society and reinforced through social institutions. Growing up I was raised single-handedly by my grandmother. For a long period of time she was my sole source on what was acceptable and unacceptable behavior as a female. The majority of my beliefs and attitudes on my gender stem from her. â€Å"As predicted by cognitive social learning theory, parental characteristics influence gender typing in terms of the role models that are available forRead MoreEssay on Societys View of Women1456 Words   |  6 Pagesstereotyping from our society. Certain â€Å"rules† have to be followed and certain â€Å"ideal† women images have to be kept. We are raised in a way to fill certain position where the society wants us to be and as a result, the opportunities are always limited for us and ideas of our importance in the society are diminishing. Even though women gained some independence, where women can work and take various position in society, the society’s idea of typical role of women never seem to change. I still rememberRead MoreNow It Is My Turn To Stand: Defining Yourself Through Land, Oral Tradition and Language1391 Words   |  6 Pagesfor the Generation, xii). Land, as he stated, is our identity and home place (Ortiz 1988). However, when the earlier settlements came, they conquer the land and the indigenous people, which allow them to treat the Native Americans in any way they wanted. The colonizers had never treated their land in the same way as the Native Americans did. They also prevent the Native Americans to do traditional rituals to affirm their relationship with all things in Creation (Speaking for the Generation xv); thereforeRead MoreThe Importance Of Nurses In Nursing818 Words   |  4 PagesThe younger of two, my very different Chinese immigrant parents were from different generations, one a Chinese thoracic surgeon who regarded his patients’ wellbeing as he would family, the other an adoptee who uniquely managed her life through elite schools on scholarship s to create her own travel agency. Our lives were an endlessly detailed conglomeration of family, medicine, and business conversations in English and Chinese. Despite knowing physicians do not have anything remotely resemblingRead MoreCrow lake Essay872 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿Education The educated differ from the uneducated as much as the living differ from the dead.(Aristotle) The importance of education is effectively illustrated in the book Crow Lake by Mary Lawson and also in Alden Nowlans poem Warren Pryor. Both Kates family and Warrens family highly value the importance of education and both families expect their children to receive higher education. Both Kate and Warren used education as a tool to escape poverty. However, they differ in their feelingsRead MoreAs A Young Child, My Grandmother’S China Cabinet Was Enchanting.1396 Words   |  6 PagesAs a young child, my grandmother’s china cabinet was enchanting. When the sun streamed through the cabinet at the perfect angle, pink patterns created by glass dishes were splayed on the green shag carpet. Of course, I was not interested in the glassware that produced the light display, I was just intrigued by the display itself. As I grew, my grandmother explained these two pale pink glassware se ts were known as Depression Glass. Like many other women, my great grandmother collected the sets piece

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