Monday, February 10, 2020

Cloud Computing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 15250 words

Cloud Computing - Essay Example tions to common problems hindering business industry and the global development like, security, legal issues, and vendor lock-in which are still under review without regulations and standardisation across Cloud Computing providers. Through the expertise in the mentioned field of work, I utilised my prowess extraneously to implement long term IT projects with constantly growing budgets acceptable as the norm under which I had to go through, until I got involved in implementing a CRM solution based on Cloud Computing platform. However, to my surprise, the implementation of Cloud computing just took few months hence both solutions and resolutions based on customer feedback from the sales teams. It’s one of the best solutions we’ve implemented, unlocking a great business potential with improved productivity. It’s believe that the research will be of great benefit to business and IT community interested in the subject, as it provides number of reference points to whic h some of the latest publications on the topic, â€Å"Cloud Computing† be reviewed, a real life implementation example, plus research surveys integrating the expert opinions from some of the leading global organisations and individual involvement in Cloud Computing. â€Å"Once involved in Cloud Computing, individuals would appreciate and admit that the older state of forgone technology was just a prototype of a new kind of power-plant, a computing power plant that would change the information age compared to the effects of electric plants on the industrial age† – (Nicolas Carr - â€Å"The Big Switch† - 2008) The level and speed of technological advancement is drastic hence more elaborate information system understanding that every common man with or without IT knowledge could appreciate the cost... The dissertation is based on technological advancement especially the involvement on Cloud Computing that has been intensified through the availability of high speed fibre optic network with ability to transport high data bandwidth at extra high speed without signal degradation and crosstalk. However, the Cloud Computing is concerned with the implementation of online businesses and Cloud space business that could be used by anybody interested in any business that could be availed online. Other than business, a lot more is available to the internet users including social and other commercial sites that are used to convey information to various users online depending on the sites that users are interested into. Other than Cloud computing, the research paper is based on live experience on how the information age developed centuries ago and the implications related to the invention and implementation of computer age with Cloud Computing through availability of internet services. Through the involvement of TCP/ IP, http and HTML Cloud computing is aimed at availing resources closer to the users hence there is no need for having extra storage facilities as everything could be readily available cheaply through the system. However, through intensified online business, users attain the required information that relates to their perceived requirements. To support this, authors in the information technology field have also emphasised their views and research findings to support their perception on the information technology and Cloud Computing.

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