Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Beckett Organics Marketing Strategy Case Study Free Solution

Questions: 1. Summarize the advice that you would give to John about developing his business through more effective strategic Marketing. 2. Illustrate the key elements in the strategic planning process that needs to be formulated for Beckett Organics. Answers: 1. John has a real focus on organic farming owing to the readily available market. To enter and capture the market, John has to develop a product brand name that is unique to get a distinction from competitors. Also, he should employ price skimming strategy with the aim of pricing the products based on the customer lifestyle and class (Vlasov Mark-Herbert, 2016). To make its products get known, John has to carry out promotion and mainly utilizes the online marketing since many people are technologically advanced in the UK and the print media as it can reach wider audiences. Additionally, John has to use a direct distribution that is coupled with the utilization of the internet so that clients can order online and get products delivered to their preferred destination (Schlegelmilch, 2016). 2. The elements of the strategic planning that John needs to formulate are: Mission: The mission of Beckett Organics needs to be spelled out clearly so that it guides the company as well as those connected to the organization The guiding principles: the entails how the John and its employees should carry out themselves when faced with challenging situations. Value proposition: It describes what the organization will present to the customers and the benefits gained from the products. Goals: it defines the destination areas that the team will focus to attain within specified time frame. It set the pace in which the organization concentrates in achieving. Strategy setting: The organization now sets those strategies that will be employed so as to achieve the identified goals (Vlasov Mark-Herbert, 2016). References Schlegelmilch, B. B. (2016). Organizational Design for Global Marketing Strategy. InGlobal Marketing Strategy(pp. 177-193). Springer International Publishing. Vlasov, M., Mark-Herbert, C. (2016). Enabling behaviour change-Social Practice Theoryperspective on social marketing strategy. In4th Nordic Conference on Consumer Research.

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